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Scott M. Thompson

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Graduate student with the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (Space Science Center), at UCLA.
Research Interest: ULF pulsations in the terrestrial magnetosphere
Current Project: Currently investigating a small class of ULF pulsations called giant pulsations (Pgs). Historically giant pulsations have been predominantly observed on ground magnetograms but have been observed a few times by spacecraft. These pulsations are characterized by monochromatic sinusoidal waveforms, strong localization on the Earth's surface just within and a few degrees below the auroral zone, amplitudes as large as 50 nT peak to peak, and almost exclusive occurrence between 0000 LT and 1200 LT. The present study is focused on compiling events from the CANOPUS magnetometer array in central Canada for a statistical study.

Educational Background
B.A. Magna Cum Laude with Distinction, Astronomy and Physics, 1997, Boston University (Boston, MA)

M.S. Geophysics and Space Physics, October 13, 1999, University of California at Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

Selected Publications ...
Senior Thesis: "Multi-point Analysis of High Latitude Dayside Auroral Particle Precipitation: A Case Study of "Staircase" Signatures"
American Geophysical Union Presentations:

Thompson, S.M. and Spence, H.E. "Multi-point Analysis of High Latitude Dayside Auroral Particle Precipitation: A Case Study of "Staircase" Signatures". Presented at: American Geophysical Union: Spring Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, 26-30 May 1997.

Thompson, S.M. and Kivelson, M.G. "Giant Pulsations (Pgs): Geomagnetic Activity, Local Time Distribution, and Harmonic Structure". Presented at: American Geophysical Union: Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 6-10 December 1998.