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T. Paul O'Brien 

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Magnetic Storm   
Graduate Student working under Dr. McPherron in the UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Space Weather Group.

Research Interest: Empirical analysis of space weather phenomena. Special interest in using Aritificial Intelligence to model and forecast space weather phenomena in an attempt to extract useful physics from Neural Networks and other A.I. devices.

Current Project: Paul is currently investigating two significant features of space weather during geomagnetic storms:

Educational Background
 BA Physics, Classics 1997, Rice University (Houston, TX)
Selected Publications
Senior Thesis: "Investigation of High Energy Magnetospheric Specification and Forecast Model (MSFM) Correction"

Slide Presentation:
Freeman, J.W. and O'Brien, T.P. "Neural Networks for the Specification of Spectral Characteristics of Storm-Time Energetic Electrons At Geostationary Orbit". Presented at: Second International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Lund, Sweden, 29-31 July 1997. (Paper available in proceedings)

Journal Papers:
An empirical phase-space analysis of ring current dynamics: Solar wind control of injection and decay. submitted to JGR. T. P. O'Brien and R. L. McPherron.

A Neural Network Model Relating DH at a Single Station to Dst. submitted to COSPAR 1998 proceedings. T. P. O'Brien and R. L. McPherron

Energetic electrons at geostationary orbit during the November 3-4, 1993 storm: Spatial/temporal morphology, characterization by a power law spectrum, and representation by an artificial neural network. November 1998 Journal of Geophysical Research. J. W. Freeman, T. P. O'Brien, A. A. Chan, and R. A. Wolf.
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