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Professor of Space Physics, Emerita in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences
                                and the
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Space Science Center), at UCLA.

Current space projects include Cluster (Fluxgate Magnetometer Co-Investigator) and Themis (Co-Investigator) and Cassini (Fluxgate Magnetometer, Collaborator).

Principal scientific interests: Magnetospheric plasma physics of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn (theory and data analysis),  interaction of flowing plasmas with planets and moons, Ultra-low frequency waves  (theory, data collection, data analysis).   

Teaching:   Fall 2005       ESS 154   Solar-Terrestrial Physics
                  Fall 2006       ESS 295   Current Research in Earth/Space
                  Spring 2007   ESS 240   Space Plasma Physics
                  Winter 2008   ESS 9       Solar System Origin and Evolution
                  Spring 2009   ESS 240   Space Plasma Physics

Selected Lectures/Papers



Learning about Earth's plasma processes from studies of other magnetospheres (GEM Tutorial, Summer 2010)

Saturation of the Polar Cap Potential (Spring 2008)  

The Physics of Planetary Magnetospheres (Summer 2008)  

A Century After Birkeland: Aurora and Related Phenomena on Moons and Planets (Fall 2006) 

ULF Waves from the Ionosphere to the Outer Planets (Fall 2005) 

Careers, Leadership, and Speculations on why Academia Loses Women (Fall 2003) 

Galilean Moons of Jupiter: Exploration of remote worlds (Winter 2001) 

1997 Faculty Research lecture: From outer space to the ocean floor: Magnetic fields in the solar system.


Libya and the Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006






Educational Background



Ph.D., 1957, Harvard University

Recent Awards



                      Alfven Medal of the European Geophysical Union, Spring 2005

                      Fleming Medal of the American Geophysical Union,    Dec. 2005

Selected Publications

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