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Seminars are held each Tuesday during the Quarter:
3853 Slichter Hall
Lecture at 4:00pm
Refreshments at 3:45pm

Spring 2006 Lecture Schedule
02 Jun 06 2006 Slichter Lecturer - Prof. Roberto Benzi
University of Rome, "Tor Vergata"

Stochastic Resonance: From Climate to Biology

Spring 2005 Lecture Schedule
08 Apr 05 2005 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Donald A. Gurnett
Carver/James A. Van Allen Professor of Physics

Exploring Saturn with the Cassini Spacecraft

Spring 2004 Lecture Schedule
26 May 04 2004 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Rudolph Marcus
Nobel Laureate, Amos Noyes Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

From Construction Toys to Nobel

Winter 2003 Lecture Schedule
13 Mar 03 2003 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Susan Solomon
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

My Adventures in Antarctic Science: From Ozone Depletion to the Death of Robert Falcon Scott

Spring 2003 Lecture Schedule
06 May 03 2003 IGPP Distinguished Researcher - Dr. Alan Rubin
UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

What Heated the Asteroids?

Spring 2002 Lecture Schedule
13 Jun 02 2002 IGPP Distinguished Researcher - Dr. M. Indira Venkatesan
UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

Molecular Markers and Environmental Geochemistry

07 May 02 2002 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Howard J. Singer
Chief, Research and Development Division, NOAA Space Environment Center

Space Weather - Societal Impacts

Spring 2001 Lecture Schedule
22 May 01 2001 IGPP Distinguished Researcher - Dr. Robert J. Strangeway
UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

Newton and Maxwell in Space Plasmas: The Mechanical View of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling

26 Apr 01 2001 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Andre Berger
UCL, Belgium

Where Astronomy Meets Geology: From Ice Ages to Global Warming

Spring 2000 Lecture Schedule
08 May 00 2000 IGPP Distinguished Researcher - Dr. Frank T. Kyte
UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

Tales of Eltanin: The Asteroid from the Bottom of the Sea

Spring 1999 Lecture Schedule
28 May 99 1999 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Richard Fortey
Natural History Museum, London

Life: Confessions of a Biographer...or Can we ever know the truth about the biological past?

Spring 1998 Lecture Schedule
05 May 98 1998 Slichter Lecturer - Dr. Frank Stacey
CSIRO Div. of Exploration & Mining, Australia

Sources of Energy in the Earth


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