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planetary data

The Planetary Plasma Interactions (PPI) Node of NASA's Planetary Data System is based in the Space Science Center and helps scientists locate, access and preserve particles and fields data from planetary missions. PPI staff members work with NASA missions and individual scientists to secure the highest quality data possible and to thoroughly document it. They validate the data, place it on long lasting media and make certain it is properly archived for future use. Data are available online or on CDROM or DVD.

space data

The Space Science Center makes data available online from a number of earth orbiting spacecraft and ground magnetometers.

The Ground Station Magnetometer Data Server
Provides data from 125 stations from 11 chains of ground stations around the world. The data are available at three resolutions: original 1 minute data, averaged 5 minute data and averaged hourly data.

The IMP-8 Interactive Data Server
Provides IMP-8 plasma moments and magnetic field data that are 5 minute averages with 5 minute resolution.

The ISEE Magnetometer Interactive Data Server
Provides 60 second and 4 second data from the ISEE-1 and ISEE-2 magnetometers.

The Polar MFE Interactive Data Server
Provides Polar magnetometer data at 1 minute, 6 second and 8 s/s resolutions.

The Polar Spacecraft Orbit Plots
Provides plots of the Polar orbit in GSM, GSE, and SM coordinates.

The WIND/IMP/ACE Correlative Data Server
Provides solar wind and IMF data from WIND and ACE and IMP8 magnetometers.

Access to Propagated Solar Wind Data
Provides SFTP information for propagated solar wind plasma and IMF data from 1973 to 2004.