Fall 2010 Space Science Seminars
ESS M288 A
AOS M275 A
Room 6704 Geology
Fridays 3:30 - 5:00 PM

C. T. Russell - Coordinator
M. Sowmendran (margie@igpp.ucla.edu or 310-825-3326) - Contact

Oct 1 Hao Cao ESS, IGPP/UCLA Saturn's Very Axisymmetric Magnetic Field: Implication for the Interior of the Planet
Oct 8 Y. D. Jia IGPP/UCLA Modeling Enceladus and its torus in Saturn's magnetosphere
Oct 15 Maha Ashour-Abdalla, Mostafa El -Alaoui, Jean Berchem Physics and Astronomy and IGPP, UCLA Mission Oriented Theory for MMS :Energization of electrons, turbulence in the plasmasheet, and large-scale dayside reconnection.
Oct 22 Licia Ray LASP, University of Colorado Jupiter's Main Auroral Emission
Oct 29 Bertrand Bonfond IGPP/UCLA What can we learn from the Io footprint on Jupiter?
Nov 5 Jenni Kissinger ESS, IGPP/UCLA Steady Magnetospheric Convection and Stream Interfaces: Relationship over a Solar Cycle
Nov 12 Lunjin Chen Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA Modeling of EMIC and magnetosonic waves during a geomagnetic storm
Nov 19 R. L. McPherron ESS, IGPP/UCLA Statistical properties of the Auroral Electrojet (AE) Indices
Dec 3 Andrei Runov IGPP/UCLA On the nature of dipolarization fronts in the magnetotail plasma sheet
Dec 10 All Volunteers ESS, IGPP/UCLA AGU Practice