Spring Space Science Seminars
ESS M288 C
AOS M275 C
Room 6704 Geology
Fridays 3:30 - 5:00 PM

R. J. Strangeway - Coordinator
M. Sowmendran (margie@igpp.ucla.edu or 310-825-3326) - Contact

April 3 R. J. Strangeway Ionospheric Outflows: Causes and Consequences
April 10 Megan Cartwright Heliospheric Evolution of Solar Wind Small-Scale Magnetic Flux Ropes and Possible Origins
April 17 Yukitoshi Nishimura Response of convection electric fields in the magnetosphere: IMF southward turning and substorm
April 24 Gerhard Haerendel The Poleward Arcs and the Inner Edge of the Plasma Sheet During Substorms
May 1 Shasha Zou Evolution of high latitude ionospheric convection associated with substorms: Multiple radar observations
May 8 David Galvan Density Structure of the Plasmasphere as Observed in Extreme Ultraviolet Images and Total Electron Content
May 15 Michael Schulz TBD
May 22 Michael Hartinger The distribution of Pc5 wave power in the inner magnetosphere: A comparison between the plasmasphere and trough regions using CRRES
May 29 Steve Vincena Plasma Heating and Density Profile Modification by Inertial Alfven Waves
June 5 Hui Zhang Flux transfer events probed by THEMIS in 2007