IGPP Seminar Series

How recent changes in the solar dynamo are affecting our interplanetary 'weather'

by J.G. Luhmann
Space Sciences Lab, University of California, Berkeley


The photospheric magnetic field provides the key boundary conditions for the interplanetary medium, including the solar wind plasma and the interplanetary magnetic field. Thus any changes in the solar interior that affect the emergence, dispersion, and decay of active region magnetic fields, or the evolution of the those fields, can have locally measurable effects. Each solar cycle for which we have sufficient solar and in-situ observations has been somewhat different, but in the most recent cycle the solar dynamo has produced a generally weaker photospheric field together with a spatial distribution of photospheric flux that differs from the previous two. The results give us a better appreciation for how the dynamo affects our 'space weather', together with any other effects that might be produced by related solar irradiance changes.
Tuesday, 02 February 2010
3853 Slichter Hall
Refreshments at 3:45 PM
Lecture at 4:00 PM