IGPP Seminar Series

Estimation of the impact of land-surface changes on climate change

by Dr. Eugenia Kalnay
U. Maryland


We apply the "observation minus reanalysis" (OMR, Kalnay and Cai, Nature, 2003) method to estimate the component of surface temperature trends that can be possibly attributed to changes in the land surface properties (urbanization, agricultural practices, changes in precipitation, industrialization, etc.). It is based on the idea that observed temperature trends include both greenhouse warming and surface effects, whereas the NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis is only affected by greenhouse atmospheric warming, so that their difference could be related to the surface effects not included in the reanalysis. We present results for the US, Argentina and a comparison with ECMWF ERA-40 reanalysis.
Tuesday, 25 April 2006
3845 Slichter Hall
Refreshments at 3:45 PM
Lecture at 4:00 PM