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CESR is part of the Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) at UCLA. Its members - Profs. Michael Ghil, Ulrike Seibt, Aradhna Tripati, Jonathon Mitchell, James McWilliams (Center Head), David Neelin, and Richard Turco, together with their research associates and students in the IGPP, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the Institute of the Environment - conduct research in the physics and biogeochemistry of the Earth's atmosphere, cryosphere, and oceans. In addition, CESR is a base for broad, cooperative effort to develop, test, and apply comprehensive numerical modeling capabilities for the Earth's climate - for periods extending over previous millennia, the present, and the coming centuries of anthropogenically induced changes.

-Jim McWilliams, Center Head

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Snapshots of increasing atmospheric vorticity at one altitude resulting from incrementally decreasing the spin rate of an Earth-like planet. The transition to superrotation – where the atmosphere spins faster than the surface – occurs at figure 4.


Regional and global climate models identify several regions as prone to increased drought conditions. This image shows predictions for the Caribbean and Central America which indicte reduced rainfall under global warming. Implications for extreme weather (e.g. hurricanes) are being investigated.

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